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"Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable." - George Bernard Shaw


Elwood Contemporary Arts is a bespoke, international art consultancy service which specializes in finding the perfect pieces of contemporary artwork for your home, corporate space, interior design project or as a personal gift for someone special.




Mankind has always had a subconscious urge to be surrounded by beautiful things. As far back as the Stone Age, communities were painting images on the walls of their caves. We enjoy adorning our surroundings with imagery because it is irrefutable (...and now scientifically proven...) that art, on a subconscious level, feeds the soul and enhances mental well-being.


An art consultant is a visually-minded professional, usually with a background in the arts or design, who sources artwork for a client. This client could be a company looking to invest in a few key artworks to complement its brand image and impress clients in a corporate office space, an interior designer requiring some artwork for the final flourishes of an interior design project, or a private client who simply wants to find a one-off artwork to treasure at home.

Buying art can seem like an intimidating and expensive process, but if you contact an art consultant you can have personal, one-to-one assistance in choosing something that suits your space, personality, tastes and most importantly, your budget (however modest.) 


Here at Elwood Contemporary Arts we nurture close relationships with the artists that we represent. We can therefore negotiate good prices (usually better than if you went through a gallery or directly to the artist.) Due to their vast overheads, galleries (and representatives at art fairs) often charge much more for artwork. The artist often also receives less of the final profit than when working with an independent art consultant. So going through us is win-win for everyone!


Elwood Contemporary Arts prides itself on catering to a wide range of budgets - and believes passionately that art should be accessible to everyone. So even if you do not have much to spend, get in touch and we can try and find something really special for you.


Elwood Contemporary Arts was founded by the art consultant Imogen Crockford in 2015. If you would like to know more about Imogen's background and credentials, please click here.




In an initial assessment, an art consultant will come and meet you to view or discuss your space. They will chat to you in-depth about your tastes and budget and then compile a professional portfolio of artwork options to suit your vision and requirements. There is absolutely NO pressure to buy, and we will never push you into decisions. Should you decide to go ahead with purchasing any of the proposed art, the consultant will oversee the whole process from start to finish- from liaising with the artists and arranging viewings, to coordinating transport and installation of the final pieces.


Elwood Contemporary Arts works with a wide range of artists, with a wide range of prices. Some of these artists are highly established, others are emerging new talent. The network includes painters, sculptors, collage artists, ceramicists, print-makers, multimedia artists and photographers.


Elwood Contemporary Arts is constantly exploring and sourcing new artists to work with, so if you don't see anything to your taste, feel free to get in touch anyway and we will be able to find something that better suits your requirements. Although all of the artwork that you will find on the Elwood Contemporary Arts website is contemporary, please note that we also have many contacts within the art world- from galleries to specialist art dealers. Therefore if there is a particular artist that you are looking for, Elwood Contemporary Arts can assist you with sourcing a piece. We are also experienced in sourcing antiques and antique artworks if you are looking for something more traditional.


Enjoy the art - and we look forward to hearing from you!



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