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Elwood Contemporary Arts came into being in 2015, founded by the contemporary art consultant and all-round art fanatic, Imogen Crockford. 


Imogen was awarded an MA Hons degree in History of Art & Italian at the University of St Andrews, which included a year living and working for a company in Florence, Italy. After graduating, she worked and trained in art consultancy under the prestigious art consultant Ruth Corman of Corman Arts, whose clients included some of the world’s top international hotel groups and corporate firms. As a mentor, Ruth provided an intensive visual training and taught Imogen a great deal about contemporary art, the skills involved in choosing the right artwork for a space and how to complete an entire art procurement project successfully.


When Ruth retired, Imogen subsequently worked at two interior design companies in Chelsea, London, where she developed experience in dealing with high-end clients, interior styling and was single-handedly responsible for sourcing artwork for major international design projects.  In 2015 Imogen decided to start up on her own. She loved art and wanted to spread her love of art to others, so she built up and developed her network of artists and took their careers and work very seriously.


On this website you will find a selection of some of the incredible artists with whom she works.

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