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Contemporary Chinese artist Zhuang Hong Yi was born in the Sichuan Province of China, but today works in both the Netherlands and Beijing.  His burgeoning, rainbow-bright, densely textural 3D artworks are created from traditional Chinese rice paper, manipulated into hundreds of petals and combined with layers of acrylic and oil paint. His pieces experiment with colour and texture in a daring and exciting fashion that has gained him recognition on the contemporary art scene worldwide.


Some of his pieces are highly-structured, serene works, containing hundreds of thickly-packed petals manipulated into regimented forms and whose colours subtly shift with the viewer’s movement. Others are violent explosions of colour, splashed paint and texture- simultaneously brutal and beautiful, savage and yet feminine, like a BB gun fired at a spring meadow. Yet despite their dynamic, almost chaotic first impact, the pieces have been crafted with meticulous precision and care.


Zhuang's work is a beautiful combination of both Chinese and European influences. They are also heavily inspired by the 19th century Impressionist movement. 


His work is exhibited in galleries in Amsterdam, Bruges, New York, Santa Monica, Singapore, Capri, Mumbai, Cologne, Paris, London and Montreal.



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