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Sue Rhodes, with her characteristically graceful, abstract, simple and highly tactile sculptural works, has enjoyed many years of success in both the London and international art scenes. An Associate of The Royal Society of British Sculptors, her work has been featured in countless galleries and prestigious exhibitions, including the Gallery in Cork Street, Catto Gallery, Ben Uri Gallery, the Jewish Museum and the British Embassy in Paris. Sculptural commissions have included the Lady Sarah Cohen Residential Home, Fairplay Shipping & Towage International and The Payman Family Trust.

She works in stone, bronze and resin, sculpting sensual, smooth-textured contemporary three-dimensional forms that beg to be touched. The sculptures’ solid, calm compositions evoke a sense of deep harmony and balance. She uses sculpture as a “profound and universal language that can inspire and communicate on many different levels.”  Sue gains much of her inspiration from ancient Neolithic stone carvings, with their timeless primeval forms. The works are also reflective of the great British sculptors Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.

Fascinated by the themes of relationships, human interaction, protection and family unity, Sue instinctively sculpts in circular and spiral forms, which reflect these relationships, bonds and interactivity between one human and another.

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