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Simon Cook’s abstract paintings explore the beauty of simplicity within an increasingly complex and stimulating world. In his own words: "the beauty of simplicity can, I think, be of great value. The sheer depth of joy that colour and light can bring us can be an antidote to these complexities, like a visual haiku.”


This interest in the quality of light and colour is deeply apparent in his work. Simon lives and works in a place which provides him with unique light and space, on the edge of a high cliff, affording a breath-taking view across the sea with its ever-changing light and reflections. Simon tries to condense that inner response of wonder and express it on multi-layered surfaces. His painterly technique facilitates a subtly-changing experience as one observes the work (for example in different lights, or from different viewpoints). This prevents the paintings from becoming too solid or fixed.


“The work I do now is born from the desire to clarify, to move away from questions and answers and get absorbed in the ‘isness’ of experience.”


Simon Cook studied art at the Wimbledon School of Art and has been painting for over 35 years. His work features in the collections of Lord Sainsbury, Lady Soames, Lord Peyton, Lady Edwards and the Dillington Collection among many others.

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