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Simon Allen is a sculptor who is becoming increasingly popular for his unique gilded wall sculptures, whose abstract forms evoke the natural rhythms in water, sky and land. In these beautiful works, which subtly reflect transient light in their undulating, intricately-carved surfaces, one can see the echoed forms of shifting sands, cloud formations, tidal movement or the rocky strata of mountainous crags.


“I am fascinated by the ephemeral, things that are in a state of flux from one form to another. The coming together of a solid and a liquid, where light can dissolve form, and the reflection of the sky in the land can induce a feeling of weightlessness.  The quality of light enveloping, and sometimes obliterating form, is at the heart of the work, I hope to achieve a quiet tension between the static form and an ever changing, living surface.”


Simon’s work reflects the elusive and changeable surfaces of landscape, causing the beholder to reflect upon the impermanence of even the most solid and seemingly timeless elements in the world around us.


Simon obtained a Fine Art degree from the Falmouth School of Art. He has a growing international reputation, appealing to both private and corporate collectors. Clients have included the World Gold Council, Coutts & Co, Schroders, the Connaught Hotel, and the Corinthia Hotel London, the British Embassy in Spain, and the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong.

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