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"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls..."- Pablo Picasso.


Art in the home has been scientifically proven to improve wellbeing and mental health. However it can be difficult to know where best to source artworks. Art fairs can be overwhelming and generic, galleries can be overpriced.  If you use a personal art consultant however, you can have personal assistance in choosing something that suits your character, tastes, home and most importantly, your budget.


We work with a wide array of artists with a wide range of prices. We can come and meet you in your home and give you a free, personal consultation.  The important thing to remember when buying artwork is to follow your instincts. Your first reaction to a work of art is often the most honest. Don't compromise. Only purchase an artwork that you have totally fallen in love with. That way, it is highly unlikely that you will tire of it. After some time you may want to freshen things up, store the art away and swap it for something else for a while, but if you have taken care to choose the right piece of art in the first place, you will always love it. 








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