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Award-winning Dutch sculptor Pepé Gregoire has reached international fame with his highly experimental contemporary sculptures- sculptures which challenge the viewer in multiple ways. The works often seemingly defy gravitational laws, play with balance and experiment with contrasting surfaces. Pepé is also known for developing a new phenomenon in art- “photosculptures”. These photosculptures combine aluminium or stainless steel sculpture with a skin of photographic fragments. Often monumental in scale, Gregoire’s work essentially blends 4 art-forms: sculpture, architecture, photography and painting.

His work incorporates both humour and also a great deal of tenderness. Recurring motifs in the sculptures include the natural force of wind, human limbs and faces in profile.

Educated at the State Academy for Visual Arts in Amsterdam, Gregoire has received numerous awards, including a Grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome, the Buys Van Hulten Award and the Jan Hamdorff Award. His work has been exhibited across Europe.

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