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Milanese artist Marco Grassi, who originally graduated with a degree in architecture, is today celebrated as a visual artist with a highly distinctive, bold aesthetic.


Confident, graphic, colourful, eye-catching and extremely sexy, Grassi’s paintings simultaneously reveal and conceal seductive female faces in a myriad of colours and textures. His subjects are both vulnerable and challenging- often staring out at us from the canvas with sincerity that is almost unnerving.


Deliciously bright, Grassi uses neon-hued colour, gilding and spatula strokes to create a sense of 3-dimensionality; and the masking and altering of the female face creates a sense of metamorphosis, as if the woman is flickering and transforming right in front of our eyes.


These large contemporary works echo a number of influences- as diverse as Gustav Klimt and pop art. Grassi’s work is popular all across Europe, particularly in Italy and the UK.

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