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Kym Haverson’s paintings are like snapshots of frozen time, caught mid-explosion. She creates violent, deformed shapes and scenes of a mysterious quality that can be described as expressionistic studies of light, colour, atmosphere and power. Tempestuous and alarming, yet also ethereal and beautiful, the works have been described by Kym as “pausing a moment in time; giving you the opportunity to think, to be humbled, to forget and to remind.”  Fascinated by space, galaxies and the fate of our planet, Kym’s work explores the concept that we are living in the “greatest age of discovery”. 


Shimmering, glittering showers of colour and texture cascade or explode across the canvas. To achieve these effects, Kym lays the canvas across the floor to enable her to approach the piece from above and provide her with unparalleled access and movement. Onto this canvas are thrown energetic layers of gloss, water, acrylic and spray paint. Each layer fights the one beneath it for space. As the layers settle on top of each other, a myriad of colours is created, often taking as long as 120 hours to dry.


Kym’s work has been displayed in two of Gordon Ramsey’s London restaurants, Petrus and the Narrow, as well as the Belgraves Hotel in Knightsbridge, Kensington Roof Gardens and Leeds Central Library. Exhibitions of her paintings have taken place at Signet Contemporary on the King's Road, Riverside Studios and Cultivate, among many others.


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