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Hengki Koentjoro is a fine art photographer who specialises in capturing "the spectral domain that lies between shades of black and white". Exploring minimalism, light and shadow and yin and yang, Koentjoro’s photography is a complex choreography of interesting compositions, light effects, natural textures and clean lines. His landscapes are ghostly, soulful and almost utopian.


Born in Semarang, Central Java in 1963, Koentjoro was first introduced to a camera on his 11th birthday, signalling the beginning of a lifelong love affair. Koentjoro pursued his further education at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California- an experience which plunged him into the professional arena of video production and fine art photography.


Through his work, Koentjoro delights in “making common things unusual” and “welcoming the unexpected”. 


Koentjoro has won countless awards internationally for his work and has exhibited in Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Cologne, Tokyo, Jakarta, Singapore and Taiwan.

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