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Only by integrating the arts in our DNA can we create a truly 21st Century organisation”. - Giovanni Schiuma.


It is becoming widely recognised that the aesthetics of a working environment can have a huge impact on productivity, creativity, stress levels and employee morale. Countless scientific surveys have demonstrated the multifaceted benefits of incorporating artwork into an office.


A corporate space which is looking dated, tired, a little too functional, or which has recently been refurbished might well benefit from an assessment by a professional art consultant. A freshly-planned artwork scheme can often provide offices with a much-needed "lift".


Art can be a valuable investment, as well as a good design strategy. However it can be particularly challenging to choose artworks on behalf of an entire company, as art is so subjective. This is why our initial consultation is very thorough. We will come in, assess the space, speak to you in-depth about your company and its ethos, about the type of clients you work with, set out budgets and generally get a solid feel for what you require.


Below we have outlined some important advantages to incorporating artwork into the office.


1.) IMPRESS YOUR CLIENTS - It may sound basic but a visiting client judges a company within the first few seconds of walking into its offices. A bright, welcoming, stylish reception space complete with some statement art instantly makes a strong first impression. The artwork is a good talking point and it also creates a sense that the company is a.) successful and settled enough to be able to afford to invest in its office space and b.) that the company cares about providing its employees with a beautiful and comfortable working environment.


2.) BRAND IMAGE - Carefully-chosen artwork can visually promote the style and ethos of a firm. If your company is innovative, ground-breaking and forward-thinking, then some unusual, thought-provoking statement artwork could help to reflect this. If your company is more traditional, then a stylish series of paintings or a piece of tasteful sculpture in the reception area could emphasise the more classic, understated elegance of the office.


3.) BOOST EMPLOYEE MORALE - Studies have shown that the visual environment in a workplace has a profound impact on work ethic and employee morale. Working in a beautiful environment every day, complete with stunning art on the walls, can improve the mood of your staff, boost creativity and increase productivity.


4.) INVESTMENT - Buying art can be expensive (although we work to a very wide range of budgets), so it is important that, if you are building an art collection, you use the help of a professional who knows the industry and can help you choose something that may increase in value over time. Aside from financial investment, a well thought-out, aesthetically-coherent art collection speaks volumes. Sometimes it is also nice to "mix it up" by collecting art from both highly established artists and also supporting emerging new talent.







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