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Award-winning Italian artist Roberta Coni is known for her striking figurative paintings, predominantly of women, whose deeply soulful, powerfully expressive faces emerge from shadowy backdrops and dominate her large-scale canvases with dramatic intensity.

Combining both exceptional classical detail and heavier-handed, expressive brushwork, Coni creates artworks that are visually intoxicating. Eyes and lips are painted with mesmerising realism, while other features are often distorted or ambiguous. We become lost in a gaze, transfixed by the depth of emotion within. Coni interplays flesh and earth tones with jewel-bright turbans and other moments of vivid vibrancy – a ruby red, patterned headdress, or a pair of ocean-green eyes. Texture and density are achieved in the work through the mixing of oil paint with a thick paste of bitumen, glue and melted wax.

Coni graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1999 and won grants to study abroad in Spain and the USA. She is represented worldwide - in the UK, France, Germany, Turkey, China and Brazil, as well as her homeland, Italy.

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