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Clare Wilson’s ethereal paintings evolve out of a process of layering, removing, reworking and pushing paint to find an inevitable form. The initial chaos of poured paint and expressive brush marks that dominate the early stages of the work are simplified and the uncomfortable and disjointed shapes are dissolved - at least partly- to create stillness.


It is a slow process and the results remain indeterminate as the multi- layering of muted tones reveal traces and imprints of the origins of the paintings, often submerged in a veiled light. She is not concerned with the monumental or grand but in the detail of a moment- curious shadows, abstract movements, emerging depths, textures, memories and allowing the unknown to resurface. Boundaries and borders intrigue her. Chance encounters can interrupt and allow the fragile and unfamiliar to emerge. Although these paintings are not about place, subtle shifts of tone and a restricted palette may refer to the diffused light and intervals of landscape, with its potential as a space of transition and transformation.


Clare lives and works in London and completed an MA in Fine Art at the University of Leeds in 1996. She has exhibited at the Barbican Arts Trust, E1 Gallery, Mall Galleries, the Russafa Sporting Club in Valencia, MPA Gallery, Cecil Sharp House, Formans Smokehouse Gallery, Elements Art Space in Bath, Revolving Gallery in York and many others.


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