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Petr Weigl specialises in remarkable contemporary art pieces created in concrete, ceramics and metal. Son of a Czech emigre born in England, Petr trained as a graphic designer before dedicating himself to ceramics at Central Saint Martin's in 2001. It was here that Petr first started experimenting with the textural and at times unpredictable qualities of concrete as an artistic medium.


Predominantly present in his work is the allure of Mother Nature, boasting her plethora of natural, mathematical patterns. Many of his concrete artworks recreate the repetitious forms found in nature and this repetition is a key characteristic of Petr's work: "This started from seeing a swarm of ants that had made a flowing river of tiny bodies all the way down eight steps to where I was having breakfast. I got up and knelt down next to them, watching the flow of thousands of parts of this colony in a seemingly endless stream. There was something really special about the individual parts that made up the whole. After this I started looking at everything in this way, leaves on trees, blades of grass on a lawn, birds swarming in the skies at dusk..." 


Petr is also interested in the juxtaposition of opposing components- light against dark or the fragility of glass and fine ceramic beside solid concrete.


In addition to his fascination with the natural world, Petr also finds inspiration from his past and present, how he perceives himself in the world around him, observations of people and their inherent interactions and the journey of his life experiences.


Each artwork transforms, magnifies and captures a complex blend of philosophy, emotion and self-reference. Petr's striking works have an appealing simplicity of form which, although deceptively simple upon first glance, grow in complexity over time, revealing the visual narratives locked within.


The sublime impact of his bespoke, 3-dimensional works can be found the world over. Having exhibited on the international circuit, including the prestigious Art Miami, Petr's works are collected by both private collectors and commercial institutions, seeing a rapid increase in value in recent years. Clients and commissions have included the Four Seasons hotel group, the Grosvenor Group, the Royal Institute of British Architects and Manchester United FC.



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