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Amy Ash is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice flows between curatorial projects, teaching and learning, installation, collage, illustration and other forms of making.


Ash’s work stems from found objects, memories, stories and hearsay. With an interest in axiology, particularly value systems which are quantifiably ambiguous, she creates objects and situations which question and confuse common associations and truths. Surveying the intersections of experience, memory, hearsay and object against the construction and regeneration of personal cosmologies and lore, Ash’s work prompts and teases the collective memory just enough for new associations to be made and new meaning created.


Recent works include explorations of value, memory and authorship through the reprinting and reworking of found negatives, which culminated in a series of silver gelatin portraits, a collection of cyanotypes and a stack of handmade paper. She also leads an experiential youth curatorial programme, which sees young people working directly with professional contemporary artists to curate an exhibition, challenging the authority of both art world and educational hierarchies.


Amy Ash is originally from New Brunswick, Canada, and holds Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick.  She has exhibited and curated programmes in Canada, Japan and the UK. Ash recently completed a thematic residency, Truth Lies and Lore, at the Banff Centre for the Arts, for which she was awarded a bursary from the Peter McKendrick Endowment Fund for Visual Artists, and has upcoming exhibitions at St. Thomas University (Fredericton, Canada) and Gerald Moore Gallery (London, UK), and an upcoming residency at Stiwdio Maelor (Wales). 


She currently lives and works in London, UK. 

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