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Dynamically working with oils on large-scale canvases that require the energy of his entire body, Allan Storer wields paint with great vigour and energy; his highly expressive paintings characterised by a heavy, impasto, textured surface and a vivid, playful use of colour.


Inspired by artists such as Gerhard Richter and Anselm Kiefer, Storer achieves highly textural 3-dimensional paint effects using palette knives and squeegees. In his own words: “the power and texture of oil paint, applied with a palette knife or squeegee, dictates that I loosen up- and chance plays a significant role!”


In addition to his artistic training at the Chelsea School of Art and the University of Wales, Allan Storer has studied Surrealism and Psychology at postgraduate and research level, with experience in therapy and education. His working methodology is a faith in the artistic principle of creativity as a fundamental coping device for healthy, everyday living.


Allan’s vibrant work has been exhibited in many galleries and establishments across the UK and USA.

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