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Greek artist Aggelika Korovessi studied at the Athens School of Fine Art between 1970 and 1975, under the tutelage of a number of prestigious sculptors, including Dimitri Kalamara. From 1985 onwards she became focused on the relationships between sound, music, technology and art- leading to the development of her distinctive “Sound-Sculptures”, later known as “SonArt”.


Korovessi works predominantly in bronze and stainless steel and describes her sculptures as an “image of words”. Echoed in her conceptual, contemporary pieces are traces of ancient Greek sculpture, visible in some of her figurative human forms.


Over the years Korovessi has received worldwide recognition for her work- in 1994 she represented Greece in the 4th Sculpture Triennale in France. In 1997 she created the National Resistance Monument in Boeotia, Greece.

In 2008 Korovessi was awarded the Silver Olympic Medal Award in the Sculpture Competition of the Beijing Olympics. Her work “Peace” is now housed in a public space in Beijng City.

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